Estill Shelter Will Have To Euthanize – Unless Homes Are found

Your help is needed, and yes you can make a big difference in saving the life of a dog or cat

The Estill County Animal Shelter has more animals than it can house and unless homes are found many of the animals will have to be euthanized.

Monday morning, shelter workers found three kittens and a dog in the drop off box and Lee County is expected to bring 12 dogs and 6 cats within the next few days.

Shelter Director Tommy Mullins says no dogs have been euthanized this year and not a single cat has been euthanized since September of 2015 and he wants to keep that record going.

Mullins and the staff are asking for people to come see what is available at the shelter. These animals need a forever home, however, time is of the essence because they will start to euthanize the animals Tuesday. May 23rd .

The Shelter is open Monday – Friday 8AM to 4PM while school is not in session.

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