2 Arrested For Firing Gun In Residential Neighborhood

Two men were arrested after Berea Police were called to investigate a report of gunshots at a George Street home.

Police say Saturday morning a woman called saying she heard gunshots at a nearby residence. She then told officers she observed two men, one which pointed a gun toward her home.

Police located the two men, identified as Jacob Levy, of George Street, Berea and Lenyol Marcum, of Winchester. During the investigation officers also found a handgun buried under the sofa cushions. The witness identified Levy as the man that pointed the gun at her house, however, Marcum admitted the gun belonged to him, and that he had fired the shots. Police say both men had been drinking.

Police located three shell casings and determined the shots were fired into the ground but toward an occupied residence.

Police have charged both Levy and Marcum with wanton endangerment, and Marcum faces an additional charge of tampering with physical evidence.


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